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Name: Donna
Age: 20
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Whats your favourtie MLB team: Minnesota Twins
Favourite player: Well...Doug, duh. LOL. But I love Gabe Kapler, Corey Koske, Torii Hunter, David Ortiz, Jacque Jones, and I could go on with more Twins players that I used to watch in the minor league.
Favourite pitcher: Uhm...hmmm. *shrugs* lol
Favourite Baseball Memory: When I saw the Twins play their minor league team in CT.
How many games do you attend a year: Never been to a MLB game and now that I'm not home during the summers and no one out here likes baseball like I do, it's very rare for me to get to one.
Howd you find us: I searched Doug's name
What do you like best about Doug: The fact that when I first started to go to baseball games I went to the minor league team we have at home in CT (I go to school in Las Vegas), the New Britain Rock Cats, and he was one of the first players that I started to cheer for because I loved his last name, haha. It's cool. So now what I really like is how I can watch him on TV when before I would just sit in the stands and watch him, it's awesome to see that he made it!!
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