some kind of jet pilot (avaio) wrote in mientkiewicz,
some kind of jet pilot


Anyone alive in here?


Name: Dannielle
Age: 18
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Whats your favourtie MLB team: Boston Red Sox, with a tie for my 2nd being the Reds & the Mets.
Favourite player: Doug Mientkiewicz, Mark Bellhorn, Morgan Ensberg
Favourite pitcher: Barry Zito, Braden Looper
Favourite Baseball Memory: My first game at Fenway (6/13/05) and the time I saw the Reds overcome a six-run margin to defeat the Blue Jays a couple years ago.
How many games do you attend a year: More each year. So far I've been to 5 in Cincinnati, 3 in Boston, and 1 in Cleveland. I'm sure I'll go to another 5 more Reds games and one more in Detroit.
Howd you find us: Doug's name.
What do you like best about Doug: He's so goofy, even when he's not doing so well.
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HAHAHA! I just stumbled across this community and knew you had to be in here somewhere. :p

Poor Dougie. No one's played with his community in a couple of years :(